What’s So Special about Italy? (Traveller’s Guide)

If you haven’t been to Italy, you probably know someone who has. It’s one of the top five visited countries, with upwards of 60 million tourists flooding in each year. Australia, which is 26 times larger than Italy, gets just less than 10 million visitors each year. So, what’s the deal? Why are so many people visiting the boot-shaped country?

No matter which way you look at it, Italy is special. In this article, we’re going to look at all the factors that make it a culturally rich destination and good-to-know tips about travelling there. And yes, if you were wondering, gelato and pizza will be on the list. So, let’s go travel Italy!

Home of the Most UNESCO Sites

Italy has been occupied for thousands of years by various groups, ranging from Celts to Romans. Many of the country’s ancient sites have been well preserved and made into UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In fact, Italy is home to the most UNESCO sites in the world!

There are 58 world heritage sites throughout the country. Some of the most popular sites are places like the Historic Centre of Florence and Rome, the city of Venice, the Amalfi Coast, and the ruins of Pompeii. Visiting these destinations will give you a first-hand look at some of Italy’s most beautiful and culturally significant places.

You also don’t want to miss out on often overlooked UNESCO sites like Val Camonica, where there are cave carvings from 8,000 years ago, and the Valle dei Templi, an area with seven temples that date back to the 6th and 5th century BC!

To-Die-For Cuisine

Who doesn’t love diving into a plate of Italian food? Pasta, pizza, and red sauce, the culinary lineup will knock your socks off. The best part about Italian cuisine is that they’re simple. Most dishes only use between four and eight ingredients that are generally agreeable. So, there’s no need to worry about picking at a plate of strange food. Oh, and the street food consists of items like pizza by the slice and gelato!

Let’s check out some of the must-try dishes while you’re in Italy.

Spaghetti Carbonara
A creamy dish made with long-strand noodles, bacon, and a sauce made of Parmigiano cheese and eggs. Even if you’ve tried it in Italian restaurants in Australia, there’s not like chowing down on this dish in its native country.

Gnocchi is small Italian dumplings that are usually made of flour, egg, and potato. You can find it with a creamy sauce, cheesy sauce, tomato sauce, and all types of toppings. Don’t miss out!

Eggplant Parmesan
It doesn’t get much better than a plate of eggplant parmesan. It’s a classic Italian dish of breaded eggplants, noodles, red sauce, and cheese that has inspired the delicious chicken parmesan you’ve probably tried before. Don’t be surprised if Italy makes it a law for all tourists to try it at least once!

Did you know that tiramisu comes from Italy? Well, during your trip, you won’t need any excuses to order it whenever you have a craving. If you’ve never heard of it–where have you been?– tiramisu is a multi-layered, creamy dessert dipped in coffee. When you try it, prepare to have your mind blown.

Going to Italy and not eating gelato is just plain disrespectful. But chances are, as soon as you land in the country, your taste buds will start craving the scrumptious ice cream. Make sure to put try the pistachio flavor on your Italy travel itinerary; a lot of pistachio ice cream outside of Italy is made with flavoring instead of the actual nuts.

Museums on Every Corner

If you’re a history buff or just someone who likes strolling through museums, Italy is the place to be! There are over 3,000 museums, galleries, and archives, so don’t worry about running out of things to see.

Some of the country’s top museums are the Academia Gallery, where Michelangelo’s David statue is located, the Colosseum, the Uffizi Gallery, and so many more.

Of course, we encourage you to check out some of the underrated museums in the country. The National Archaeological Museum in Naples has one of the best and largest collections of artifacts in the world. In Rome, check out Palazzo Altemps to get away from the crowds and see a collection of Greek and Roman sculptures.

The People Are Lovely

The museums, food, and scenery are all great, but the people are the heart and soul of the country. As you travel Italy, you’ll encounter warm and welcoming individuals. Italians seem to enjoy the finer things in life, and you could learn a thing or two about the importance they put on family, good conversation, and well-being.

You might meet a few bad apples, but hey, that can happen anywhere. Just remember to be polite and make an effort to learn basic Italian phrases!

Fair Prices

Can you see why Italy is so special now? Well, to top everything off, visiting the country is also affordable. Okay, it might not be as inexpensive as Thailand, but you’ll be shocked by the fair pricing of accommodation, transportation, and dining. Budget travellers will even be able to find hostels for as cheap as $25 a night.

It is possible, however, to spend a lot of money while you are there if you choose the most luxurious options. You also may be tempted to drop stacks at some of the top designer brand stores, so make a budget before your trip and stick to it!

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